Installation on a CAN bus requires adding the appropriate connector to the customer equipment loom and connecting the Pilot. The most important consideration (as with any hardware) is to ensure that the correct pin wiring is in place. In particular, damage may occur if ground and the positive supply are reversed, or supply level voltages are applied to the communications pins. It should also be noted that BUS controllers (data loggers, ECUs etc.) are able to reconfigure pin functions and it should be ensured that alterations in the configuration must not revert to a case where pin voltages or functions are damaging to the device.

Since CAN is a two wire bidirectional bus there is no concept of transmit and receive lines. The bus wires must still observe the correct polarity with the Pilotâ„¢ CAN-H pin and CAN-L being wired to the bus High and Low lines respectively.

IMPORTANT: The Pilotâ„¢ device does not provide bus termination. Data communications will fail if the bus is not terminated. Normal CAN bus procedures should be used to ensure that the bus has the correct termination at each end.