ANT Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

The Havant-TeHu (HNT-TEHU-1) module is a small (24mm by 37mm) temperature and humidity sensor that uses the ANT wireless platform to transmit and receive data. The temperature and humidity is transmitted over the ANT wireless link to one or more ANT devices (including desktop PCs, sport equipment, home automation and logging software). This module is an OEM PCB.

The sensor provides a very accurate and linear measurement of relative humidity, temperature and can be used to calculate an accurate dew point. Measurements are taken with up to 12-bit resolution (14-bit for temperature). This means temperature changes of 0.01C can be detected. A special dust cover is mounted over the unit to ensure the best results.


  • Environmental/Building monitoring (HVAC)
  • Weather monitoring and forecasting
  • Physiological/sleep research
  • Enclosure monitoring
  • Scientific measurements