ASCIISerial communication still provide an easy and robust way of interconnecting equipment. Using the ASCII configuration option in Embedded Setup you can output in a variety of "human readable" formats.

The default set of options mean data is output in standard JSON format. This makes it very easy to process the data using PHP and then push the data into a MySQL database or equivalent. JSON is also easily read by many different software packages such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. This means data can be provided direct to data analysis software, outside broadcast trucks or studio-based projects.

See ASCII and Serial Products or get information on configuring ASCII Serial Module, ASCII Network Module and Wi-Fi Network Module.

We are happy to discuss your project and have a good library of software to get the data where you want it. For TTL serial output you need a custom version of the Pilot-CAN available no extra cost.

If you need any help in choosing a yellowcog product or advice on how to build your next project then just email us.



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ASCII Serial


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