October 2020 marks ten years of yellowcog. We have done a lot of interesting projects, designed stacks of embedded hardware, created some cool algorithms, plenty of Windows software and also the odd app. We have expanded our hardware to share data between CAN, ANT, BLE, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS and wired our kit to many different systems. We’ve sold to many different companies, sports and helped universities research not only physiology but wireless communications as well.

But what we’ve done so much more… We’ve worked on four world records including official Guinness World Records™ records. We’ve been invited to islands, beaches, cities, racing tracks, golf courses, crumbling warehouses, F1 teams' headquarters and the world's best universities. We’ve appeared on live TV, recorded TV, international adverts and provided live data to OB trucks and film studios. We’ve hung about in luxury trailers, on racing yachts, been filmed for hours, been in magazines, met famous people, been watched by tens-of-millions of people on the internet. Our equipment has been used in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia (we will give a generous discount to anyone who brings us a project in Antarctica). We’ve monitored people on a range of drugs including ecstasy, amphetamines and LSD (all taken legally for science!). We’ve stood in a field throwing hardware, driven around the English countryside wearing crash helmets, made people jump up-and-down on high-speed cameras, punished past colleagues by making them run for as long as they can – just to collect data. We have employed more women than men to help us with our projects. We’ve worked with drivers from their rooky season to first wins. Conducted medical research at the local pub. We’ve been driven round race tracks by top drivers. We’ve been and exhibited at trade shows. We’ve jumped in and out of IndyCars, rally cars, track cars, Lamborghinis, Lotuses, Audis and simulators. We’ve also paid tax on all our income and not avoided any or used any “schemes” to reduce corporation tax.