GT Academy are filming this week and four of their cars contain Pilot™ devices for biometric and vital signs data collection. Just like at Le Mans earlier this year, the data is fed directly into the cars' ECUs and transmitted back to the Nismo Juke Ride. GT Academy is really an amazing project: to see these one-time-gamers turn to the track and actually out-perform veteran racers is surely proof enough but to see two GT Academy graduates (Lucas Ordoñez and Jann Mardenborough) get on the Le Mans LMP2 podium (not forgetting Michael Krumm, of course) is amazing. We're glad to be a tiny part of it.


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GT Academy on facebook

Fry-ups and Biometrics


Marc's off to Spa Francorchamps to watch the F1 Grand Prix. Looking forward to the race and meeting up with some old and new contacts. Anyone else who would like to meet up, just drop us an email.

Off to Silverstone today to collect some driver physiological data. The plan is to rig up our test subject and collect as many laps of vital signs data as we can.silverstone

Le Mans starts with one of the cars using our technology. A nerve racking moment: 24 hours of vibration, heat, rain and shocks. We have our fingers crossed and the schematics clutched to our chests. More information at a later date!

The performance of our technology on "one of the Le Mans cars" was reported by the customer as "All perfect". From first meeting, through design and production to the device racing around Le Mans took 38 calendar days; we have to say it was only possible thanks to our existing library of hardware and software.

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