Software Services

microchip-authorizeddesignpartnerYellowcog's engineers are each skilled in many development tools and platforms. We are happy to engage as a design house or provide engineers to work on site as contractors. We have a wealth of experience and are used to applying our skills to a range of problems. We are also a Microchip Authorised Design Partner.

Our focus starts at the embedded end of the spectrum - we develop for real-world devices in real-world applications. We specialise in embedded design and programming. Much of the embedded world requires exchanging information with other devices so we have in depth knowledge of network engineering design and desktop/server application programming.

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Embedded System Design

AtmelMicrochipARMxilinxtiYellowcog develop on a variety of processors from small-pin-count processors with very limited storage (less than 1KB) up to 32-bit processors with a broad suite of peripherals. Processors for which we have professionally developed include the Microchip range (PIC10, PIC16, PIC24, PIC32), ARM (Cortex), Hitachi (SH8), Xilinx (including Virtex style PPC based), TI (MSP430) and Atmel range (AVR and ARM) but we have knowledge and experience of many more. We code for these devices using the native language (which is usually C) but are happy to go down to the assembler level. We have a good catalogue of portable code so are often able to create or deliver code for alternative processors in a short timeframe.

Microchip MPLAB XIAR.40Atmel Studio 6eclipsefreescale codewarriorfreeRTOSSome of the compilers, development systems and environments we use include FreeRTOS, MPLAB X, NetBeans, CodeWarrior, GCC and Eclipse; our depth of understanding and broad experience is such that new environments and platforms can be picked up quickly.

Wireless Device Development

wifi.80bluetooth.80iOS.80android.80windows mobile.80Windows8.80Yellowcog has a great deal of experience in developing wireless communications systems (Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi, ANT and more) and mobile phone applications for our products. We have developed for embedded wireless devices as well as Android, Apple iOS and Windows mobile/phone editions. We have also developed software to allow data collection, visualisation and storage over the mobile network.

Software Library

MySQLMSSQLExcel 2010EDF and EDF+MatlabGoogle EarthYellowcog's catalogue includes various libraries: data collection, graphing, mapping, visualisation, data storage and data retrieval (MS SQL, MySQL). Our core software product which combines much of our feature set is CogWrangler which is a data manipulation tool that allows data to be imported, viewed, manipulated, filtered, stored and exported. CogWrangler can load data direct from many devices (healthcare, fitness, wireless, energy monitors, home automation and more). It can display data live when streamed over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or ANT networks. Live or recorded data can be saved in industry standard file formats (e.g. EDF, CSV, KML) or seamlessly transferred to databases. The data can then be used with programs such as Excel, Matlab, Google Earth and more. Data can be viewed and manipulated on-screen and exported for further analysis or printed.