ANT Wireless Pulse Oximeter. Uses ANT to transmit PPG, SpO2 and heart/pulse rate.

The Havant-Oxi (HNT-OXI-1) Module is a small (24mm by 37mm) wireless pulse oximeter sensor that can non-invasively gather the oxygen saturation (SpO2) of arterial blood and pulse (heart) rate from a finger or ear clip sensor. The ANT wireless platform is used to transmit and receive data. This module is an OEM PCB.

The sensor shines light of two fixed wavelengths through the earlobe or finger tip and uses signal processing to derive the oxygen saturation and other parameters. It can calculate these values since the absorption of the two different frequencies of light differ depending on oxygen concentration in the blood and tissue. Since the concentration also depends on pulsation, the change in signal allows pulse rate to be derived. Other signal quality parameters are also available from the sensor. The sensor's output is transmitted over the ANT wireless link to one or more ANT devices (including desktop PCs, sport equipment, health-at-home systems and logging software).


  • Pulse (heart) rate measurement
  • Oxygen saturation measurement (SpO2)
  • Fitness monitoring
  • Physiological research
  • Sleep monitoring