An interesting day at the Fortronic Wireless Forum which was held at the Williams F1 conference facility. Listening to the speakers was hard as everything they said made my spin off into thinking of possible applications.WilliamsF1

Today is the day for the EMC testing at Hursley EMC for the LeepBox. We know at this point that the hardware and software are good enough but so far only best-practice is going to get us through to CE Marking! (Update: all tests passed!)EMCTesting

We are very excited to have received our Up! 3D printer after ordering it from Cool Components only yesterday. It is a small desktop machine but capable of printing within a (I think) 150mm cubic area. Since we tend to make all our devices and parts as small as possible this is more than enough for us. ... This photo is of one of our first prints (but not "the" first!)3dprint

First prototype of our new medical-grade device has been patched together and is ready to play with.

The first prototype of the LeepBox was tested at the Paris Marathon today. All worked well with good quality data but we lost the end of the race due to the development version battery usage.Paris2011

The first official yellowcog PCBs are now being played with and seem to work. One or two problems have been found but can be "fixed" with software. One strange non-terminal manufacturing problem also found where the physical board doesn't match the gerbers.