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Software downloads include: Embedded Setup, CogWrangler, Race Reporter and more. The files you see depend on your registration type.

Date 2022-07-13
File Size 3.48 MB
Download 41
Date 2022-04-20
File Size 3.46 MB
Download 82
Date 2022-03-18
File Size 3.46 MB
Download 101

IMPROVED: progress bar feedback in download dialogues improved

IMPROVED: More checks to ensure compatible FW is being transferred

BETA: Device Finder dialogue in beta improved.
License Commercial license
Date 2022-02-15
System  Windows
File Size 3.45 MB
Download 112

IMPROVED: visual display of some items when using multi-monitors or non 100% scaling improved.

IMPROVED: Some "anomalous" BLE Windows behaviour compensated for.

BETA: Device Finder dialogue in beta.

Date 2021-10-12
File Size 3.45 MB
Download 157

NEW: ANT Environmental and Core Body Temperature Sensors added

NEW: BLE Raw item used for research/debug purposes.

NEW: Support for multi-monitors

NEW: Debug/Trace protocol improved to carry more information and also accept remote commands.

CHANGE: ASCII name values are now hidden on items that make no use of the setting.

CHANGE: Improvements to rendering of some controls when non 100% screen scaling used

BETA: Debug/Trace information now available over BLE.

BETA: Device finder uses remote device to scan for nearby devices.

Date 2021-06-18
File Size 3.33 MB
Download 161
BUGFIX The config item lists had spacing/fonts were badly scaled on some monitors
NEW Each window now remembers its position and size
NEW Splitters have been added dividing the left/right panes and logging window so the size of each area can be changed
Date 2020-12-15
File Size 3.25 MB
Download 154