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Firmware downloads are for upgrading yellowcog hardware. Firmware is available for the Pilot-Mux, Pilot-Ovr, Candover and custom devices. IMPORTANT: units need to be power-cycled after a firmware update.


ADDED: Pilot-CAN BTC daughterboard support.
ADDED: Debug trace for current BTC connections.
BUGFIX: Blueooth Manager did not fully check for existing connections in MUX HW BUGFIX: Pilot used to try to calculate stream buffer size by looking at push/pull rates of sources/sinks; this worked inmost situations but failed with some complex configs. The buffer size is now always the size of the push size with sinks needing to pull fast enough to ensure no overruns.
CHANGE: THe default RTS/CTS pins for ARM UART1 have been moved to FEATURE C/D rather than E/F to avoid the Shalden board red LED. This only applies to custom builds of shalden V2 boards.

Date 2022-02-15
File Size 1.23 MB
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BUGFIX: Maths applied to stream would only set when a stream timed out; now, the maths is set at start-up.
BUGFIX: The app_info region was not set correctly meaning app version was lost from the last couple of versions.
BUGFIX: If a periodic job is in Hz mode and has been running for more than ~69seconds and a periodic task misses its slot (which only occurs if the CPU is overloaded) then there is a 1:2^10 chance of subsequent jobs failing.
NEW: Feature IO GTE and LE comparisons added as output type.
NEW: Device Finder feature added, allows a Pilot device to be used as a proxy to search for nearby BLE/ANT devices and report on their serial numbers.
NEW: Debug protocol is now bidirectional, allowing for user commands.
IMPROVED: The ASCII CAN probe protocol now outputs a default/keepalive message every 2 seconds if nothing else is txed.
IMPROVED: Coglink improvement to the way offline devices are polled; now if one is found it quickly looks for all the offline devices too.

Date 2021-10-12
File Size 1.23 MB
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Date 2021-06-18
File Size 1.22 MB
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